Magento Functional Testing Framework

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September 2019

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Quick Introduction

On the first day of training, you will run automated Magento 2.3 functional tests.

Writing Tests

After this course, you will know how to write your own tests, as well as extend existing ones.


As a Customer, you have access to the Knowledge Base, as well as live support.

Magento Functional Testing Framework?

MFTF provides full coverage for Magento functionality. With easy XML interface, you are able to test your own features easily. Foundamentals of such solution is Codeception and Selenium, used by QA teams all around the world.

What will you get?

Course consist of 6-8 minutes videos introducing you to use of Magento Functional Testing Framework in your everyday work. Whole material is extended with printed materials (eg. cheatsheets) and interactive tests to validate the progress.

Why should you use MFTF?

Although introduction of Acceptance Testing is apathic, Magento put a budget and efforts to convert existing acceptance tests (Magento Testing Framework) and introduce new ones, including the ones provided by community.

In November 2018, Magento employees claimed that MFTF Test coverage is going to be an important factor of extension quality review, for all extensions submitted to Magento Marketplace. Final goal is to set MFTF tests as a must for all extensions in Marketplace. It does not matter if you are Integration Agency, Extension Developer or Freelancer. Knowing MFTF is a must for you.